In addition to my own online private practice I am signed up as a therapist on both BetterHelp and Pride Counseling (a sister site of BetterHelp). Both sites provide 24/7 access to therapy. My clients on these sites pay a monthly membership fee but have unlimited access to message me and connect with me throughout the day. I return all messages in between sessions as much as I possibly can. Delays between messages are expected but I constantly check my messages and do the best that I can to response a few times a day or in less than 24 hours. Client can also set up weekly one on one sessions with me using multiple features on the site -Live Chat Room sessions, Live Phone sessions, or Live Video sessions. An online journaling feature is also an option available for BetterHelp clients. BetterHelp is open to any one who would like to work on therapy goals through this platform. Below is a link to my profile on BetterHelp and how to request me as a therapist under this site. You may also check out my reviews by clicking on this link.

Pride Counseling is available to and focuses on the LGBTQ community struggling with mental health issues, identity issues, and/or just available for people who need someone to talk to. The site is used in the same way as Better Help except Pride does not have an online journaling feature yet. To request me on Pride Counseling after signing up you can email support and request to get matched.

On both sites I respond to messages between 9am-7pm Monday- Thursday and return all nightly message the next work day. I am available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the afternoons as well on both sites.

BetterHelp and Pride Counseling

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I have been a member of the NASW since 2010. NASW describes itself as “the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world, with more than 120,000 members across its 55 chapters.” NASW works to enhance the professional growth of its members by creating opportunities to expand knowledge, network with other social workers, participate in activities to spread awareness, maintain professional standards, and to advance on social policies that are committed to human rights and positive progressive changes.


I am a member of Psychology Today. My ad on Psychology Today can be found by clicking the picture below. You may also contact me by phone or email through the

information provided on the site.

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Under the Mental Health Integrative Institute I became certified in integrative mental health in 2019. Integrative mental health focuses on the mind-body connection. It sets a focus on overall impact that nutrition, sleep rhythms, exercise, impactful situations and lifestyle habits play in the well being of our mental and physical health. When we incorporate integrative approaches to our treatment plan we are discussing lifestyles adjustments that serve to improve our relationships with food, with our physical bodies, with our environments and our spirituality to foster personal growth and vitality.

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